The Life of Annie McDougall

Annie McDougall was born in Fillmore, California in 2002 to a private breeder who was later spotted in the paper by my mother and myself, while seeking out a puppy for our home in Thousand Oaks, California. It was a few years after moving to California that the urge to have a little puppy was almost overwhelming I couldn’t wait any longer. My dad bought me a couple robotic dogs to keep my entertained, but that was short lived and quite un-fulfilling to be honest.

Finally, after years of begging and praying, my father made us a deal; if we gave him the “okay” to go out and buy this black on black Porsche Turbo he had his eyes on, he would give us the “okay” to go out and purchase a fluffy little puppy.

After searching through pet stores, online ads, and doing research on which breed would be best suitable for our family, my mom and I took a drive down to Fillmore, where I laid my eyes on the cutest little blonde Shih-Tzu. We asked the breeder to take her out of the play pen that was setup in their garage. When this little fur ball was set down on the garage floor she didn’t waste much time; off she went running around- doing laps around the garage. I leaned over to my mom ad said, “That’s the one.” She was perfect from the moment we saw her. My mom told the breeder we would like to purchase the puppy, so that’s what we did. My mom wrote a check for $750 bucks and off we went with our new puppy, without a name.

She sat in my lap and I held her the whole (30 mins) home. She was calm and soft. Her little face was the sweetest little face I’ve ever seen and when we I looked in the side mirror of my moms car and I saw our reflection I knew this was going to be the ride of a lifetime.

Our animals bring so much joy and excitement to our lives. Even when we don’t realize it, they comfort us and keep us in check.

Those who have not experienced the luxury of the companionship through a pet will always have a hard time grasping onto the fact they mean so much to us. Unlike humans, pets never say the wrong thing. They won’t betray you, mislead you, or lie to you. They are honest companions that are there to listen to you, lick your face whenever they want, they give us comfort and peace, they are the glue in some families that keep them tied close together.

When my family and I traveled, Annie always came with us. She went camping in the Grand Canyon, road trips to San Diego, Fort Bragg, Sacramento, Sedona; flew on airplanes to visit family in Georgia, stayed in high rises in Downtown Los Angles, and traveled to several other places across this beautiful nation.

Before Annie was 6, she traveled to more places, and saw more land than most humans ever see in a lifetime. Her life was nothing short of spontaneous adventure. (See Annie’s Instagram: @TheLifeOf_Annie)


Annie was my right seat passenger on just about every trip I took down to the beach. She sat down beside me at dinner with my parents. She was there to snuggle with me and never bit a soul in her life. Through the most difficult times in my life I always had Annie to go to for comfort and strength.

When darkness set in and it was clear her time had come to say her goodbyes, I stayed by her side for two solid weeks. She was never left unattended and stayed pampered in the comfort our home. My precious little friend became extremely ill due to some type of internal infection that would end up taking her life.


Looking back I really could not of been more blessed or happier than I was having Annie part of my life. She was unbelievably sweet and had a spunky personality. At times she was a total brat and I loved her for that. She was spoiled, completely spoiled, but she deserved every bit of it.

My focus is to celebrate her life now and forever; not looking back or dwelling on the sadness of her death, even though she could not have gone out more perfectly and soundly than she did. She went out on her own time.

My father and I had an appointment scheduled for Saturday morning at 9am to take her to the vet and put her down but our prayers were answered when she peeled out and tagged home plate around 4am Saturday morning. She was my little trooper; waited until my dad came back home from a 3 day business trip to say adios.

I am thankful to my parents for letting me have a dog growing up through one of the most difficult times in any kids life- high school to early adulthood. They loved her as much as I did and we will all miss her so very, very  much.

Rest In Peace my sweet baby. I will see you again.

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