Pressure for Perfect

Is it just me or has this time in quarantine made us all a little obsessed with trying to accomplish as much as possible also while trying to take care of ourselves leaving us only to feel super overwhelmed? This kind of pressure can’t be healthy. We must have balance in life and while working from home is new to many people, I have been doing it for nearly 8 solid years but I am still feeling an insane amount of pressure to make the very most of this extra time I have to myself to accomplish a million different goals.

The pressure to be perfect is at an all-time high. I am keeping up with my skincare, haircare, and physical, mental, and emotional wellness routines that help me stay centered and focused, but all this extra time is really getting to me. We have at least another month of social distancing and although I don’t mind not hanging out with people, I miss having breakfast at my favorite cafe and roaming my local book store. I also miss walking on the beach and taking hikes on the weekends with my Mom.

The uncertainty is starting to drive me a bit crazy. Not knowing how long this will all go on for is a little worrisome. The economy continues to crumble and people are losing their jobs left and right. It’s a mad mad world out there and we are all trying to do the best we can to get by and stay healthy.

This is something the world hasn’t seen or experienced since the early 1900s and that’s simply startling.

Sure, I could give you a list of tips for coping with the pressure to be perfect and maintain balance in your life during this difficult time, but I’m not going to do that because I don’t have all the answers right now and I’ve tried everything to keep busy while also allowing myself to rest a productive day.

Why is it never enough?

This constant feeling of never doing or being enough has always weighed heavily on me so I do tend to overachieve every day so that I feel better about myself and having a productive day helps me sleep well at night knowing I made something of myself with the time given to me.

Part of me has felt like I have so much time I lost in my twenties doing stupid stuff and wasting so much time going to parties and not participating in activities that helped promote my self-growth and aspirations. In the interest of full transparency, that’s true but I’ve always had at least one job since I was 17 and have always been responsible. I suppose the main focus is that I want to be sure I am consistently investing my time into things that matter and make me a better person.

I wake up early. I go over and beyond in my job and produce quality work. I gave up drinking. I work out every day. I read every day. I take an hour nap every day. I try to learn something new every day. There’s no reason I should feel as though I am not doing enough, but I do.

Hello Anxiety, It’s Me Again

If you are like me and have anxiety then you understand how draining it feels to overthink every little thing and be caught up in your head all of the time. No matter what people say or how perfect the day might have been, there is always something you pinpoint to obsess over. I wish I had the perfect words of comfort to give you right now because I completely understand the nerve-rattling pain this causes.

Most of us don’t give ourselves the credit, the love, the care we deserve. Many of us are so hard on ourselves. I know I am. I’ve spent years building a brand, a career, and breaking through some really challenging circumstances that I need to stop and remind myself of how far I have come and how much I have accomplished along the way.

It’s so important we slow down. Breathe. Take it all and just pause for a bit.

Anxiety typically stems from the root of fear-based thoughts. When you begin thinking of what you’re afraid of and focus on what you’re scared will or could happen in the future or what something “bad” that happened in the past, you may experience increased anxiety. That is why it’s important to try to eliminate fear-based thoughts as much as possible and focus on the positive possibilities and aspects of yourself and your life, not the negative.

Now more than ever, those who struggle with anxiety are at greater risk of substance abuse, self-destructive behavior, panic attacks, binge-eating, and an overall decline in health status. We are all in this together. No matter how far apart we are or where you are on the struggle level meter, we are in this together.

Let’s commit to being there for one another. Let’s remind one other that we are doing just fine and provide resources for support, motivation, and reassurance during this super strange time.

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Stay strong everyone!

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