How to Improve Your Handshake

How to Improve Your Handshake

A handshake says a lot about a person, so it’s rather crucial that anyone looking to be respected, taken seriously, liked, or not taken as a fool, should master the skill of a solid handshake. I’ve met several people over the years that left me with the most uncomfortable feeling after shaking their hand. It was like I need to go for a run, wash my hands, or do some mind trick to forget about how weird or awkward that particular handshake was.

When someone grabs your hand, and it’s just limp, or not exactly what anyone would consider “firm,” it is just entirely too lousy to even consider taking this person seriously. I’m not kidding; I have judged those with weak handshakes. I have changed my perspective on a person because of what others have said about their handshake. It’s just not something you want to stink at.

To avoid being looking like a weakling, you must master the art of shaking someone’s hand like you mean business. This will not only help you professionally but personally as well. The fact is that you could make more money, have more friends, more respect, more job offers, and more pull in this world if you just took some control and made that handshake your… you know what.

Thumb to thumb

Aim for the deepest corner of the other person’s thumb to pair up with yours. This causes an interlocking connection that says, “I got this.”

Eye contact

Oh my gosh, I shouldn’t even have to say it, but no matter what you’re doing, eye contact is one of the most important things you need to have with someone. If you are having a conversation- look the person in the eye when you’re talking. When the other person is speaking to you- look at them, give them your complete attention. And when you go to shake hands with someone, you better believe it’s essential to make that eye contact. It shows confidence and upright fearlessness.

Tighten that grip 

Whatever you do, do not go into that handshake with a limp hand. Don’t be afraid to take charge without being too aggressive. Get a tight grip when you go to shake the other person’s hand. A loose grip could send the message that you are, weak in your drive, that you lack passion, you are insecure, you’re scared, or you’re distracted. But there is never a good excuse for a bad handshake. This is a skill you must be on top of every time.

Keep your shoulders back

When a person stands tall, keeps their shoulders back, and their head level- it shows a great deal of confidence, and others will recognize that. When you show confidence in your professional and personal life, many great rewards come from it.

Use a Genuine Smile

Please don’t overdo it, but keep a soft grin on your face throughout the whole, hello, and goodbye portion of your interaction. Smiling lightens any mood and helps make other people feel like their presence is welcomed.

Practice all of these things with a friend or family member. It is an important skill to have.

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