How to be Considerate to Others

There shouldn’t have to be a guide on how to be a considerate human being, but after some recent interactions, I’ve begun to realize that maybe this is exactly what the world needs. Somewhere along the line, it seems that people have lost the considerate traits that make them caring, helpful, and respectful humans of the world. Between childhood, the teenage years, and adulthood, it appears people have become quite rude and well, inconsiderate.

Define: con·sid·er·ate
  1. careful not to cause inconvenience or hurt to others.
    “the quietest and most considerate tenants possible”
  1. Respect the space of those around you and try not to take up too much of it
  2. Be punctual (show up on time)
  3. Clean up after yourself and help others tidy up mutual space
  4. Keep an open mind and put things in a reasonable perspective without judgement
  5. Allow someone to sleep or rest when they are tired
  6. Practice empathy
  7. Keep your voice down– speak at a normal volume out of respect for those around you
  8. Smile as often as possible without appearing creepy
  9. Channel your intuition and use it to the best of your ability so you can feel your way through life
  10. Be mindful of your manners and choose the good over the bad ones, always
  11. Take care of your mental, physical, and emotional health
  12. Apologize if you ever do wrong to anyone
  13. Forgive those who you may never receive an apology from
  14. Don’t interrupt someone when they are speaking, no matter how important you believe your thought or idea to be– it can wait
  15. Never show up to someone else’s house empty handed
  16. Take nothing for granted and always show your appreciation and gratitude towards those who help you even in the smallest way
  17. Leave behind cash for those who let you stay at their house for more than 2 nights
  18. Include others in the conversation or activities so no one in the room or at an event feels ignored or uninvited. Try to make everyone feel welcome– without being extreme.
  19. Don’t tease, mock, or bully anyone, ever
  20. Avoid talking too much about yourself and spend more time listening to those around you. Focus on various topics and ask the other person or people in the conversation questions; pass ideas and stories back and forth
  21. Preform an act of kindness as often as possible
  22. Let go of selfish motives and shrink your ego


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