How to Cleanse Your Home of Negative Energy

Your home is where you should feel the most comfortable, safest, and be surrounded in the midst of positive and illuminating energy. This is your sacred space where you go to rest, recharge, and be at peace. You should note that there are many signs your home is flooded with negative energy and here are some to be on the look out for.

  1. If you feel irritable, cranky, or on edge (for no real reason)
  2. Tightness in your chest or trouble breathing (but don’t have a cold or aliment)
  3. If you feel weighed down, overly anxious, or nauseous
  4. Insomnia
  5. Unable to focus on simple tasks and feel suddenly overwhelmed when no one is actually putting any pressure on you
  6. Misplacing items around the house
  7. Engaging in self-destructive behaviors
  8. Your throat feels sore, like you’ve caught a cold or the flu

To get rid of this negative energy there are many things you can to and you’ll be happy you did. Sometimes this energy comes into our homes through the presence of others, during or after an argument, after a breakup, job loss, death of a loved one, or social gathering in your home. Of course there are other ways too but these are some of the most common. This has happened to me several times and every so often and the remedies below have proven to work best.

  1. Burn sage or incense in your home and spread it around to each room
  2. Change things around in your home such as furniture, photos frames, candles, etc.
  3. Invest in a few houseplants to re-energize the flow of oxygen in your space and place one in each room you spend time in
  4. Open or crack a window in each room to allow the negative energy to leave your home and bring in fresh air
  5. Use non-toxic cleaning products to polish your space up and remove germs and nastiness
  6. Allow for natural sunlight to come in to your home and be a natural cleanser
  7. Use a mixture of salt, water, and essential oils as an empowering room spray (Lavender, Frankincense, Patchouli, Lemon Verbena, or White Sage)
  8. Clap loud 10 times to break up the pattern of this toxic energy clouding up your space or break out the drum set and get to playing
  9. Light a few soothing candles
  10. Be mindful of your words and actions so you do not recreate the problem all over again


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