10 Signs He’s Looking For a Way Out

Looking For A Way Out

When someone is thinking about breaking up with you, they will look for any possible reason to ditch you and run. At the slightest feeling of discomfort, don’t be surprised when your sugar muffin is off running towards the hills, far far away from you because they couldn’t speak up own up to what they were experiencing. 

Maybe there is someone else, and they didn’t know how to tell you. Perhaps the guy you’re dating is moving soon and doesn’t know how or when to end things smoothly. Maybe his wife returned from her tour around Europe, and now he has to pretend not to know you. Maybe his ex-girlfriend plopped back into the picture, begging him for a second or third pathetic chance. Maybe he lost his phone. Maybe he lost is decency to communicate with you, and for that well, the problem is his. 

The possibilities are endless, but the lack of an explanation is hurtful. It’s time to take the blinders off and be real with what’s going on. Guys are stranger creatures sometimes, and like women, they will stay in a relationship for longer than they want to in fear of hurting you or prolonge a vital conversation because they don’t know how to approach you about it. 

  1. When he shows a new level of anger and frustration. If little things start to irritate him, and he gets set off by what to you seems like something minor, it may be time to talk to him as these feelings usually come from fear and anxiety. It could be that he’s feeling under pressure and isn’ happy but doesn’t know how or when to tell you.
  2. He takes longer to text you back and says he’s busy more often. If your man isn’t responding to you like he was there for a while, it usually means somethings up, and he’s creating distance between the two of you because he needs space to think about whatever it is that’s bothering him, or he doesn’t want to be with you anymore. Who knows, but if the guy has blocked you (your messages show that they weren’t delivered), it isn’t likely this guy is going to open up and let you in any time soon. Sure, he might want a little space to clear his mind and think about things, but it’s always better to talk things out, and if he’s not willing to do that with you, then move along.
  3. He’s not present when he’s with you. He’s looking at his phone more than usual, zoned out, reading, or not paying attention to you. When he seems a bit absent even when he’s right next to you, his mind is elsewhere, or he creates physical space between you two when you’re watching tv together, something is going on.
  4. He creates arguments with you out of nowhere. Looking for a reason to fight with you is a sure sign that he is not feeling this relationship so much. His lack of respect has you feeling degraded and perplexed since this is not the same man you fell in love with. Something has changed, and someone needs to speak up.
  5. He isn’t intimate or affectionate with you. Stressed or not, a man who is wild about you, fighting to keep this relationship going will use affection to assure you that he cares for you and loves you. Withdrawing from intimacy is sketchy behavior, my friend.

Save yourself the heartbreak and ask your man why he is acting so weird so that you can have some clarity on the situation. The worst thing sometimes, is not knowing. Sure, people say, “What they don’t know won’t hurt them,” but I have to disagree. I would rather know the 100% truth than walking around with my head down, unsure how the other person is feeling, what I did wrong, and at least try to make things better, however possible. 

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