How To Take Care of Your Girlfriend When She is Sick

In other words: “What to do when your girl is sick.”

There is nothing worse than being sick and feeling completely alone. When anyone is sick, they need help getting and doing certain things. You tell him or her to rest, but how can one rest when one is running around just trying to survive?

If you are in a situation where the person you love and care about is sick, it’s practically part of your responsibility to care for them so they can return to complete and ultimate health.

1. Bring your sweetheart a care package of goodies to help him/her get better. 

Chocolate, Fresh Flowers, Bottle Water, Gatorade (ask which flavor she prefers), Aromatherapy Epson Bath Salts, Aromatherapy Candle, Two Types of Hot Tea, Medicine (specific to the illness), Chicken Soup, Ice Cream, A Couple Movies, A Stuffed Animal, Cozie Footies (Socks),  A Handwritten Note

2. Give her a deep tissue massage

There are many benefits to a deep tissue massage and your sweetheart deserves to feel relaxed and free of any tension built up from being sick.

3. Go to her house and take her dog outside to potty. 

Dogs need attention too. Your girl will be thankful to you if you could let the dog out for 10-20 minutes to run around and go potty. This will take some stress off of her from having to do one less chore.

4. Offer to do her dishes and laundry. 

Nothing like having your man come over and taking care of some of your day to day chores you know need to be done but you are just not feeling 100% to get them all done- plus you need to rest. Guys: don’t be shy. Offer up your time to help out.

5. Make and prepare meals.

Your girlfriend needs to eat and keep nutrients in her body at all times, especially when she is sick or feeling under the weather. You don’t need to prep a four-course meal, keep it simple and light, but don’t let your girl starve. Also, avoid serving her anything with caffeine or alcohol.

Here are a few recipe ideas:

  • Chicken noodle soup
  • Fruit or veggie-packed smoothie
  • Banana Nut Bread muffins
  • Ginger beverage (tea or Ginger Ale)
  • Oatmeal with fruit and honey
  • Black Bean soup
  • Crackers with peanut butter
  • Cinnamon raisin bread/toast

6. Check in on her several times (4+) throughout the day. 

Don’t go MIA because your girlfriend is sick and you’re so freaking clueless of what to do. Call her, text her, Facebook her, etc. Showing you care and asking her how shes doing, reminding her how much you love her will help speed up her recovery. It’s a fact!

7. Be sympathetic. 

“Aw baby, I’m so sorry you don’t feel good. I’m going to come over after work and do whatever I can to help you feel better. Relax and watch countless amounts of movies- take a warm bath and know that I love you.” – Said by a Grade A boyfriend.


LADIES: In retrospect, if you are the one who is feeling ill, running a fever, barely hanging on, and the person you love and call your own is not there for you- at your side and going out of their way to make you comfortable, it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to dump the smuck.

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  1. I really like this one! you’re the best Jennifer… you could be sick around me anytime I’ll take really good care of you!

  2. Thank you so much for this
    One of my friends had mentioned this to me
    And I am so grateful that I read this
    I really need to be there with her

  3. Thanks my new boyfriend is obviously a shitty boyfriend. I’m here dying thinking that I’m just having princess attitude when I would kill for some Gatorade and salene and tissues. I don’t work out my gag reflex to be stranded guess I should dump the smuck

    1. Author

      Yeahhh that’s how I was feeling and was inspired to write this because surely I couldn’t be the only one who experiences the lack of care during times of difficulty… Hope you’re doing well. XO

  4. My heart aches because the man I love. I just told him that I was advised to go to the emergency room because I might be hemorrhaging. I told him that I would wait and see if my bleeding slowed down and his text to me was “let me know.”

    1. Author

      Wow. I am so sorry! I hope you are okay. This guy is just plain rude. That must of been so hurtful. You deserve so much more than THAT!! XOXOXO

  5. Ok, I’m a guy and I know we should step up a little more. But what am I suppose to do in a long distance relationship? I’m trying to be as sympathetic and sincere as I can. It’s not like I can book a 2,000$ flight every time she is sick. I try to do video chat and talk to her as much as possible. I worry about her. I want to do more.. I just don’t know how.

  6. I would kill for some Gatorade and salene and tissues. Thank you for sharing some of the things that worked for you.

  7. Thanx 4 ur post and I think my way is open now coz this I realy my first time to fall and get in2 such situation.

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