What is the measure of personal success?

What does it mean to be successful? How would you consider yourself or someone else successful? This overly used, and under thought about term, means different things in business and in your personal life.

Typically success in business means to have earned a great deal of money, run a stable organization that upholds a valuable amount of respect from clients, colleagues, and the community. But, to measure your personal success, you must look deeper than a bank account or credit score.

Many people will tell you that success is about having a big ol’ house, a few ridiculously nice cars, more money than you can even dream of, big family and/or an elite education. But I don’t believe that to be true at all and you should not compare yourself to them. I have met plenty of people who have money, fame and power, but at the end of the day they have very little happiness. I don’t consider these people to be successful on any kind of personal measure, but they may have a ton of professional success. Which (don’t get me wrong) is valuable as well.

I believe that it’s important to look within yourself. Think about the amount of happiness your life has brought or is bringing you. Think of your personal accomplishments. Have you achieved goals (any number of them) that you’ve planned out for yourself? Do you wake up in the morning happy to start a new day? Do you have friends and family to laugh with, share ideas with, and support one another? If you do, then consider yourself a successful human being.


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