The Soul Sucking Friend Who Has No Chill

We all have that one friend, or know someone who after we spend time with we feel completely drained and useless. I know I do and I’m sure you’ve experienced something similar. They pretend to be supportive and fun, but in reality, they are just toxic, jealous, mooching vampires who need to be cut off if we ever want to breathe again. You know exactly what I’m talking about. These friends give terrible advice talk to you like they know everything and you’re just some nimrod without a clue.

How do you get a friend like this off your back? How do you politely cut them off? I don’t know about you, but I am not a big fan of controversy and dramatic episodes so if there’s any way to avoid such a thing, let’s discuss the options.

  1. Turn on “Do Not Disturb” for that particular contact so you don’t get notifications left and right when they are calling or texting you looking for some life to suck out of someone. This little maneuver will save you from feeling distracted or annoyed as they blow up your phone for their own selfish desires.

  2. ┬áDon’t make plans with this person or agree to get together with them so you can be good to yourself and save space for more productive activities that fuel you rather than drain you.

  3. Continue to be aware of how this person makes you feel and if you need to eventually address the situation or how annoying they are, then sure, be my guest– speak up if you have to. Just be prepared to fade some heat because you’re most likely about to be called all kinds of harsh names and be titled the Biggest Jerk of the Week (according to them).

Okay, now I am off to take my own advice and run for the hills.

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“The Soul Sucking Friend Who Has No Chill”

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