There is no doubt about it, being around toxic people can be draining, and become rather uncomfortable for anyone. If you find yourself spending time with a friend, or a loved one who literally sucks the energy right out of you it’s time to put a little distance between thatContinue Reading

When is there ever a time we are not having to practice patience? Very rarely. If you are someone who feels anxious about an event to take place, or a change to happen, I’m with you. There are many times I have to remind myself to just chill, and haveContinue Reading

I’ve come to a point recently where I am in some serious need of  change. I’m feeling a bit bored with my usual routine. Yesterday I went shopping and picked up a few things to help spruce up my home and wardrobe. It’s the little things sometimes that make suchContinue Reading

If you are feeling bloated, have puffy eyes, a scattered mind, or unexplainable fatigue you may want to consider detoxing. Most of us have several toxins taking up precious space in our bodies. If you are a nursing mother or have any type of illness or disease please consult aContinue Reading

Oh don’t tell me it’s another Saturday morning and you’re laying there feeling like a bear punched you in the face and an elephant kicked you in the ribs. What? Do you have a moral hangover and feel so embarrassed for all the crazy things you said and did lastContinue Reading

Every one of us finds inspiration in different ways. Some of us go outside to take a walk or go to the gym to workout and jam to the beat of our favorite song. For me, it’s mini adventures, spontaneous outings, but sometimes just reading a book helps open myContinue Reading

The beat sinks deep into my chest. The warm flush of heat rises up to the surface of my skin. Unimaginable fear saturates my thoughts. If there was a way to make it disappear I would take it. If there was ever a chance I would never have to reliveContinue Reading