Life and It’s Temporary Status

As you go on through your journey in life you will begin to realize everything is temporary. Our struggles, our excitement for certain things, our love for this or that, our jobs, our hair color, downfalls, living situations, cars we drive, friendships, love interests, everything is temporary.

Enjoy and embrace every single phase your life is in. Embrace the funk, the difficult times. Rejoice in the good times and never take anyone or anything for granted because it will not be around forever. I encourage you to tell those you care about how much they mean to you. Talk to that crush of yours who is always on your mind. Don’t be afraid to go after the things your heart desires.

Once you grasp this knowledge I hope you see things a little differently. I hope you embrace the changes life gives you. I hope you spend more time with the ones you love so much and not get worked up when you find yourself in a difficult situation. Just remember and say to yourself “These things are temporary, it will change.”

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