Learning to Forgive Yourself

In life, we make mistakes. We say things we wish to take back, we make the wrong moves, sometimes though we can just be so darn hard on ourselves. We can be cruel and diminish our own self-worth. The truth is that we can’t move forward from our mistakes until we forgive ourselves first. We must let go and forgive ourselves. But how? How do you actually do that? It’s pretty easy to sit there and say okay yes I messed up and I wish I didn’t do or say that but it’s done and I need to move on- I feel like crap and think of myself as a no good worthless moron. But that is not how you grow; that is not how you become the best version on yourself. You must learn to forgive others, but more importantly learn to forgive yourself.

Here are 10 simple tricks to help you through the process.

  1. Accept yourself as a beautiful and powerful being, capable of wonderful things; who has many blessings to be grateful for.
  2. Talk to someone and get your thoughts, feelings, experiences off your chest.
  3. Meditate once or twice a day.
  4. Look a closer look at your true morals and values. The reason we feel guilt is because we know we have done something or said something that does not align with what we believe is right- by moral standards.
  5. Turn to self-love. Think of yourself in a more loving way.
  6. Pray and ask God for forgiveness.
  7. Do a good deed at least once a day.
  8. Smile and be friendly to those you come in contact with.
  9. Release the events of the past and leave them in the past.
  10. Focus on bettering yourself to become a better, stronger, kinder, and loving person.


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