In Every Ending There is a New Beginning- A Farewell from Polly

In 2012, when I started this blog, I was working in a security guard shack as a receptionist, looking for blogs that gave relationship advice and wellness tips. What I found online wasn’t quite sufficient at the time, so I created my own site. A part of me knew there were other people in this crazy world who were probably seeking similar information.

During this time I was in the midst of a turbulent relationship that had gone south– meaning I had allowed a man to come in and wreak absolute havoc on my life.

I created Life of Polly as an alias to hide in such a way that it was for a while “not me” but rather an outlet under some sort of radar (the immature recluse that I was) to express my experiences under another name because during that time there were legal issues that made me so afraid to speak to anyone, even my closest friends and family.

Polly stemmed from my nickname “Polly Pocket.” After high school, my friends gave me this name. I was little and blonde, and to them “seemed to have it all.” Plus my head didn’t touch the ceiling when I stood on the counter to reach for a cup of noodle in the cabinets. It was there I felt a sense of freedom. We rode dirtbikes in the back yard, BBQ’d, and spent endless hours singing “18 and Life” by Skid Row at the top of our lungs. They were like my two older brothers who looked after me, so it was a surprise to me that when all went to shit with my ex (their close friend), not them or anyone was in sight to lean on or defended me in the slightest. Granted they probably only heard his side of the story because I vanished and ran off to Miami for six months to get away from the drama. By the way, I had the time of my life when I finally got away from it all…..

This blog has helped connect me to so many wonderful people. One I met on Twitter (Molly) who connected me to Whitney, who is an amazing artist in Seattle, Washington and who I stayed with back in 2016. This site also helped me launch my career in blogging and social media marketing. I am beyond grateful for what it’s given me over the years, but its time to move on.

I have shared many personal moments and experiences with you all on this site, but its all been extremely filtered and I’m just not about that anymore. My life is just as unique as yours. I am no better or any more special than you are. My fear in exposing how I feel or what I am going through is a thing of the past. You guys have probably read my story by now on how I have traveled alone a dozen times, gone on many trips and found peace in my solo journey, ah and how I nearly got kidnapped into human trafficking, my success in finding happiness through everything I’ve overcome, and created a life I am proud of and live confidently in my own skin. 

I started the Life of Polly blog when I was 24 years old. I am now in my 30’s and a completely different person. I have grown tremendously and ready to shed the skin of my past. Start a new chapter– a new whole new book for that matter! (Stay tuned on that via social media). This site carries weight because for such a long time it was an outlet I used to hide under during a rough time in my twenties. This platform has served its purpose during my many phases growth.

I’m no longer interested in hiding out under some alias. I’m ready to expand on the things I have learned along the way. And let’s face it, we have all moved on.

It’s similar to a rockstar who has to sing the same songs over and over. My interest in contributing to this name and what it holds no longer gives me any excitement. I am no longer Polly. My name is Jen. I’m a writer, photographer, and social media manager. I work full time on bettering myself and trying to give back through my professional skill set, which is a constant creative process in which I thrive on. 

To my thousands of followers who visit this page every month, I AM GRATEFUL FOR YOU. Thank you for your comments and messages over the years. I hope my articles continue to help you and guide you. I am not shutting the site down. Feel free to follow me on Instagram. I will be sure to keep you posted on upcoming projects, my new blog site, and my new book that is currently in the works! 



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