17 Signs He’s Truly Cares About You

Are you trying to decode your man’s signals? Well, you’ve come to the right place to help you figure it all out. After many years of experience in the dating field, I can tell you one thing is for sure when looking for all the signs to make it clear whether or not the man is truly into you or not. I’ve listened to stories from countless people from all over the world. I’ve seen and heard it all at this point. This is why I am sure this article is going to help you a great deal.

Before reading the signs that he IS into you, let’s take a look at the signs he is NOT into you, as you may think. Please note that if your man is doing any of the following things its probably time you pack your bags and get the heck out of that relationship, because honey, you deserve a whole lot more!

  1. They don’t post a single photo of or with you on social media.
  2. Their friends don’t even know who you are.
  3. Never takes you out on the town to a nice dinner.
  4. You never go in public together.
  5. Denies everything you tag him in on social media.
  6. Refuses to comment on anything in fear that his other girlfriends might see.
  7. Can’t make plans too far in advance because something better might come up.
  8. They won’t hold your hand or kiss you if you do go out in public together.
  9. Never talks about their day with you just wants some hanky panky and then they’re gone.
  10. Cancels on you at the last minute for some super silly reason.
  11. Leaves you on “Read” for more than a day and in worst case scenario a week or even a month. In which case you shouldn’t be wondering wtf is going on because this person is clearly not into you and they are super lame because they can’t even be straight up about it.
  12. Doesn’t open up to you about his personal life, family, work, friends, or hobbies.
  13. When you ask why he’s late he says something like, “I had so much laundry to do.”
  14. He leaves your house unexpectedly early because he “has some laundry to do.”

Now that that is clear, let’s take a look at all the signs a person is clearly into you or yes, LOVES you. Please note that if you have anything you would like to add to this list, I am happy to listen to your input. Just write me a comment or email in the section below the following list so we can be in touch!

  1. He makes time for you in his busy schedule.

  2. You feel special seeing and knowing he doesn’t treat other people quite as well as he treats you.

  3. He is consistently kind and gentle with you.

  4. His body language speaks volumes.

  5. He listens to you and hears you out no matter what the topic may be.

  6. He makes an effort to spend time with you and show you he cares about you.

  7. He likes to/ wants to run errands with you.

  8. He spends very little time looking at his phone when he’s with you.

  9. He isn’t afraid to be goofy around you.

  10. He showers you with compliments regularly.

  11. You can feel the authenticity in your chemistry and connection you two share and neither of you is afraid to talk about it.

  12. His eye contact game is strong and he rarely ever takes his eyes off you when you are both at home and out in public together.

  13. Subtle PDA (Public Display of Affection) is not uncommon when you two are together.

  14. He doesn’t leave you hanging and does his best to stay in the flow of communication with you.

  15. He makes future plans with you with the intention of following through not just to exercise his jaw and waste his breath.

  16. He asks about your day, your family, your friends, your work, your interests, your goals, how you’re feeling etc.

  17. You are his priority. He doesn’t go out and date other women because you are the only one he desires and he proves his commitment to staying loyal to you in the way you goes about his day.

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