When Being Strong is the Only Choice You Have

You walk this life thinking you’re the only one who’s ever felt pain. You act like this world just surrounds you and no one has ever experienced anything remotely close to what you’re going through. You’re caught up in your own little world you haven’t bothered to stop and see that there are people around you who are going through challenges too. You haven’t asked how anyone else is doing, only worried about yourself and never the needs of others. Have you ever stopped to look that person in the eye and truly try to understand what they are going through? No. You pushed them off. You judged them. You didn’t take their pain seriously. No matter how many times people try to reach out for help, sometimes their words go left unheard. Sometimes they cry themselves to sleep in so much agony¬†they scream into a pillow wishing so bad they had a set of arms wrapped around them and a voice telling them everything will be okay.

Maybe not today. Maybe not right this minute, but soon everything will be alright.


When you are your own, fighting these battles through life, gathering all the strength to walk through the door with your chin up and not a single tear in your eye, no one can stop you- besides yourself.

Let it out when you have to. Don’t expect anyone to be there for you to pick you up every time you fall, or people bully you. Get up and fight for yourself. Fight for inner peace. Distance yourself from everyone and everything that makes you feel less than incredible. Believe in yourself every single day, no matter how bad you want to give up.

Sometimes the people we want to pick us up and put us back together are the same ones who left us feeling broken in the first place.


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