10 Date Ideas That Don’t Involve Going to a Bar

Beyond the bar, there is a world full of fun, self-control, and sober moments that can later be remembered. Here are several ideas for you and your love bird to go do in your free time or day off. Coffee Shop or Juice Bar Spend the Day at a Theme Park Netflix Marathon on a Dreary […]

LADIES: Quit Obsessing About Finding a Husband

Okay. That’s it. I can’t take it anymore. I’ve heard enough. Day after day I hear my friends and online connections whining about the struggle to find a husband. Sure, at times I have a weak moment and do the same, but come on ladies! Let’s pull it together. If you haven’t met THE ONE […]

International Man of Mystery

It’s safe to say that my dating life is nothing short of interesting and more than anything it has become quite entertaining, even as disappointing as things so often turn out. This most recent experience has left me mind boggled and confused. It has me sitting at the edge of my bed with questions running […]

A Complete Guide to Recovering From a Toxic Relationship

Breakups are not all the same. They come at us in all forms. Some are harder than others to let go of. Unfortunately, the more unhealthy the relationship was, the harder it seems to get over– the more time and work it takes to fully recover from. There are all types of variables that contribute to […]

What Does it Mean to be Brave and Have Courage?

Some of us stroll through life without taking many risks. Some people just stick to what is comfortable. They are too afraid to step into the world of “more risks more rewards.” They would rather be comfortable in their day-to-day lifestyle than try something new, speak their mind, or make a major change. I feel […]

Embrace The Single Life

Being single is an opportunity to focus on work, spend time with friends and family, and learn to enjoy time alone. We all go through periods in our life where we find ourselves not involved in a serious or committed relationship. For me it feels like it’s been a while and that’s probably because it has […]

What You Need to Know About Dating an Independent Woman

When men get into a relationship with a woman who is self-sufficient and independent there are several things they need know and do their best to understand as independent women are like no other breed. These women are strong, focused, and put up with zero BS. They are not to be doubted, played, used, or controlled. If you […]

How to Lose a Girl in 10 Days

Most of us have seen the movie, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”, but have you ever wondered what it takes to lose a girl in 10 days? Many articles you read online or books you see propped up in local stores are often focused on what girls should avoid doing in order to keep […]

How To Take Care of Your Girlfriend When She is Sick

In other words: “What to do when your girl is sick.” There is nothing worse than being sick and feeling completely alone. When anyone is sick, they need help getting, and doing certain things. You tell him or her to rest, but how can one rest when one is running around just trying to survive? […]

10 Tips to Building a Happy and Healthy Relationship

What makes a healthy relationship? How can two people achieve this incredibly rewarding and fulfilling union? What tools do you need in a relationship to withstand anything that comes your way? These are a few questions that many of us ask ourselves when attempting to build a strong union with our other half. Let me just tell […]