Social Media Manager by Day, Writer by Night

Hey everyone! Many of you who have connected with me these past couple months have asked me what exactly is it that I do. Great question! I am a Social Media Manager and Strategist who specializes in all things social media. Most of my work can be seen on Facebook, Instagram and Passages Reflections blog. […]

The Soul Sucking Friend Who Has No Chill

We all have that one friend, or know someone who after we spend time with we feel completely drained and useless. I know I do and I’m sure you’ve experienced something similar. They pretend to be supportive and fun, but in reality they are just toxic, jealous, mooching vampires who need to be cut off […]

Overcoming the Fear of Vulnerability

Shielding your weaknesses closes your potential in exuding your personal power; preventing your gift to your world be shared. When we are scared to open up, expose our wounds, shed light on the darkness within, we create a barricade that stops us from showing our strength and courage. If you do not do this for […]

How to be a Considerate Human Being

There shouldn’t have to be a guide on how to be a considerate human being, but after some recent interactions, I’ve begun to realize that maybe this is exactly what the world needs. Somewhere along the line it seems that people have lost their considerate traits that make them caring, helpful, and respectful humans of […]

Protecting Yourself from Human Trafficking

After nearly getting scouted into human trafficking, I have been interested to learn more about the warning signs if you’re about to be kidnapped and if the person you’ve encountered is one who is involved in this type of criminal activity. ¬†Many of the articles I came across only mentioned signs of a person who […]

You Must Be a Friend to Have a Friend

As one day passes and another one is soon to arise. I look back on the lessons I’ve learned, the friendships I’ve made, and the challenges I’ve faced. This life isn’t always easy. In fact, most of the time it’s a rough road. A road so many people stumble down and find themselves scarred from […]

The First Day of 30, A New Era

Today begins the start of a new era. Today is the first day of my 30s. Saying goodbye to my twenties is a monumental time. I look back on everything that has shaped me into the woman I am today. A lot happened in my 20th year, but like most twenty¬†year olds, I was trying […]

Let It Go & Let It Be

It’s not about what life throws at you. What matters is how you deal with it. From one moment to the next life changes. From highs to lows we remain in control of how we react to every event, every situation. When times get tough reach your hands out high to the sky and whisper, […]

Stronger Than Who I Used to Be

I’m a stronger person than I used to be. I’m different now. When you think of how I used to be I hope you remember all the good memories. You beat me down but I still came out on top. I told you already, that’s how I like it. Walking through life can feel like […]

The Journey You Hide

Show me a someone who’s making it on their own Let’s see how you struggle to survive Who pays your debts Guide me through the trail Which you’ve proven your worth Everyone has a breakthrough Everyone has fears Everyone needs help at times But let me see how far you’ve come This life wasn’t made […]