13 Reasons Why: Suicide is Not the Answer

After watching the Netflix hit series, 13 Reasons Why, I was left with a hurricane of emotions that can only be described as, surreal. The show is based on the 2007 young-adult novel, 13 Reasons Why written by Jay Asher. It’s a story about a teenage girl named, Hannah Baker, whose life was cut short […]

How to Bounce Back from a Burnout

What is a burnout? It’s a trying phase we face when our lives become out of whack, unbalanced and full of pressure to achieve more than we are currently capable of undertaking. Burnouts can sneak up on you when you least expect it. They can start with a few dragging days and can lead to […]

How to Make the Most of Your Next Mental Health Day

Interview with Tonya O’Neill   There comes to time in all of our lives where we feel tired, uninspired, or unmotivated. The trouble with this is between our busy schedules and demanding workloads, whether it be picking the kids up from school, meeting deadlines, attending social events or spending quality time with loved ones, our […]

Healing Insomnia With Home Remedies

Insomnia affects nearly 30% of adults in America. We have so much on our minds that at the end of the day it can be hard to wind down and fall fast asleep. Many people lay awake in bed, tossing and turning for hours on end getting frustrated and eventually becoming quite desperate for a […]

Understanding Sleep Deprivation

I’ve been tired in my life, but never like this. I wore myself so thin I literally had nothing left inside of me that was at all thriving. It was quite the opposite, every muscle and every bone in my body was aching. I was desperate for sleep, yet was so afraid to drift off […]

Unexpected Uses For Coconut Oil

For years, I have been using coconut oil in the kitchen to stir up just about every dish that comes off my pan and in my morning coffee. It is even part of my daily skin care regiment. The benefits of coconut oil are almost endless. Studies have shown its proven to help repair brain […]

10 Reasons I Prefer NOT to Drink Alcohol

Alcohol consumption has gone on for approximately 10 million years. It’s nothing new, nor does it look as though it will ever be a thing of the past. Our ancestors long before us drank. In today’s society, people still drink at most every social function or gathering. Heck, many people drink alone at home, whether they […]

10 Things to Do When You Feel Like Dirt

We’ve all had those days where we feel like absolute crap and we don’t know what in the world to do about it. Life doesn’t come with a manual but the internet is goldmine for learning new things. Whether its because of a moral hangover, breakup, life-funk, or some other purely logical reason, there are […]

10 Signs of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Narcissism is defined as: an excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one’s physical appearance. Chances are you have either met someone who is overly confident to the point of being narcissistic or maybe you are that person and you haven’t quite realized it. In this article, I will go through all of the signs of narcissism so that you can better […]

How To Take Care of Your Girlfriend When She is Sick

In other words: “What to do when your girl is sick.” There is nothing worse than being sick and feeling completely alone. When anyone is sick, they need help getting, and doing certain things. You tell him or her to rest, but how can one rest when one is running around just trying to survive? […]